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The travel diary of a northern bloke on the road


I must admit, when I decided to travel it was a bit of an eye-opener. It kind of dawned on me that I have no idea what I want to do or see, all I knew was that I wanted to get out and see the world. In order to give my travels a sense of purpose, I threw together a bucket list off the top of my head and inspired by countless things; too many to mention.

So without further ado, and in no particular order; here it is!

1. Go to the Korean mud festival
2. Spend at least one year teaching abroad
3. Finish 150 hour online TEFL course – Achieved in July 2013
4. Spend a night camping in the Australian Outback
5. See a World Cup game in person
6. Watch a game of football in a foreign country as a neutral – Achieved in April 2014
7. Go to the Milan derby
8. Watch an England international football match in person
9. Spend Christmas in New York
10. See a New York Rangers game in person
11. See a Broadway show
12. Be in Times Square for New Years eve
13. Travel South East Asia – Achieved throughout most of 2014!
14. Eat authentic sushi – Achieved many a time after moving to Japan in 2015!
15. Travel round South America
16. Go to the Rio De Janeiro carnival
17. Go on a lads’ trip to Vegas
18. Ride the Trans Siberian railway – Achieved in February/March 2015
19. Do a skydive
20. Go to Venice
21. Get a tattoo that means something to me – Achieved in April 2014
22. Do something worth writing about, either in blog or book form – Achieved almost every day since I set off!
23. Make money from my writing, be it via this blog or any other means.
24. Attempt stand-up comedy
25. Learn another language fluently
26. Do “the 92”
27. Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
28. Stay in a capsule hotel – Achieved in Da Lat, Vietnam, April 2014.
29. Eat bugs – Achieved in South East Asia, numerous times in 2014!
30. Go on a ridiculously expensive night out and not think about money
31. Go to the Glastonbury festival
32. See one of my favourite bands in an intimate venue in a country they aren’t massive in – Achieved in August 2015
33. See Tom Dice in concert
34. See in the new year in another country – Achieved in Barcelona 2005 and Dublin 2012
35. See in the new year on another continent – Achieved in Sydney, 2014
36. Stay in an ice hotel
37. Run a marathon
38. Go to the Coachella festival
39. Go on a zero-gravity flight
40. Hike the Leaping Tiger Gorge
41. Travel on a sleeper train – Achieved in February 2014
42. See and walk along the Great Wall of China – Achieved in December 2014
43. Climb Everest Base Camp
44. Go to Antarctica
45. Climb Mount Fuji

That’s it for now…I think!

Do you have a bucket list? What should I add to mine? Have you done any of the things on my list? Feel free to leave a comment on my facebook page!